The History of the Modern Graphics Processor, Part 4: The Coming of General Purpose GPUs


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Graham was last active on the forum 3 years ago, so it's unlikely you'll receive a response from him. A lot of the information is generally accessible to the public via the likes of Wikipedia and hardware reviews on TechSpot; the rest is probably the author's own knowledge of the topics, a lot of which may simply not be possible to reference.

It is time for the next 6 year GPU history lesson, though ;)
Hmm alright, there is quite a lot of info throughout the four articles which were unavailable online or just hard to find. Yeah someone needs to write an updated version of the history since there had been tons of advancements since then.


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Are there any particular parts of the 4 articles you wanted more information about or a source for where you could spend time reading? Not questioning your research abilities, it's just that over the years of writing about graphics and 3D technology, I've collected a decent amount of sources and knowledge that I could use to answer any queries you may have, and being part of the team here means I have a bit of help in being able to ask questions of various organisations/people (not that there is any guarantee an answer will be forthcoming!).

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This article came into my feed and I read it for the first time not knowing it was written in 2013. It ended with "Reliance upon rasterization will continue as ray tracing proves to be a difficult nut to crack." I thought to my self why didn't they mention RTX...only to realize that this was written 6 years ago. I would like to see a new page added that adds all things from 2013-2019.