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The HTM phone is really weak burst

By Alex.kaer · 7 replies
Mar 12, 2014
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  1. Angry!!!Last week I bought a mobile phone named HTM ,and the model of the phone is XH292W.

    But when I receive this phone, it seems the quality is not good, although phone‘s functions are complete,it has 5MP camera,1GHZ dual core, but it always delay to running.

    I searched some info about it on the Internet. Someone said that the phone is producted by a OEM named Wingtech。But I never heard about this OEM . Do you know?

    Now, I wanna returned goods.And buy other one.

    Who can help me to recommend a mobilephone? Thanks a lot!!!

    PS.Never buy HTM's mobilephone .
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2014
  2. Emily35

    Emily35 Banned

    What's HTM? Is that GrayHandset copy HTC?
  3. Alex.kaer

    Alex.kaer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    AHAHAH,You are too funny! No kidding!

    I’m in no mood for joking.

    Now what can I do? Recommended a call to me ,please!!

    And what's the Wingtech ? I heard about the damn phone is producted by it.
  4. Emily35

    Emily35 Banned

    Okay, return the phone to the merchant if you can.
    I can't find the phone you have bought, but according to what you said, it's really a low configuration.
    Wingtech? The only thing I know about it is that Wingtech is a big OEM factory in China. Considering its scale, I don't think your phone was made by Wingtech.
    I think Huawei honor 3C is a nice chice if you want buy a new one.
  5. Alex.kaer

    Alex.kaer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow,these phones configuration is great!12MP camera, 8-cores-MTK 6592-CPU and 1920*1080 FULL HD screen!!


    But how are the quality of these calls? And which factories producted it ?

    I won't buy a poor call!
  6. Emily35

    Emily35 Banned

    The phone itself was great, but is not easy to buy even in China. I am not sure about the factory, it seems Huawei usually cooperate with Wingtech(a OEM factory). As for its reliability, you may investigate yourself.
  7. lix23

    lix23 TS Rookie

    Just had a question... What cell phone service did u use with the htm phone?
  8. I have a htm.... and agree... just like to add mine is unlocked for any carrier and on the screen it shows todays date as may 3th 2015 yes that is not a typo LOL

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