The keyboard and mouse, etc. do not wake the system


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RAM Klevv 3200
CPU i5 11400
Power Supply Green HP Evo 800 Gold

The problem is that when using the power supply (specified model) (with 3-pin connector), the system does not go to sleep, in other words, the keyboard and mouse, etc. do not wake the system. Therefore, when you put the system to sleep, you have to turn on the system, and this will cause the system to boot again

Is there a problem with the power supply?

what is the preferred model of power supply for this system



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I always use Seasonic and Corsair PSUs for my builds. I have had great success with 80+ bronze-rated units that are not modular. I use 500w, 550w 650, and 750w all the time. I have had a couple of bad PSUs from both manufacturers over the years, which is a really low failure rate. When money is no object I move up to the Seasonic Focus Gold.

I find that sleep settings will be spotty at best when you are building systems. I think it is because there is no standard for the hardware manufacturers to follow. Knowing that. I shut all sleep stuff off and I turn off "Fast Boot" in BIOS and I turn off "Fast Startup" in Windows (A type of Hybrid Sleep). I set the network card power management off too. I allow the monitor to sleep in 30 minutes.

With today's fast booting SSD just shutting the system down is the best type of sleep for me however I do not turn my equipment off at all. It runs 24/7 like me! =)