The PC is voted greatest piece of hardware of all time; Gabe Newell accepts award


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Microsoft should accept the award since when people talk about pc gaming really they are referring to microsoft windows gaming.

but that wouldn't be politically correct now would it. gotta follow the mob and they like gaben not ms.


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I've been playing games for over 25 years now and although there are a lot of great ones, after I played my first Dark Souls game I could never look at other games the same, that's how much it spoiled me... and I still feel the same to this day and grade all other games vs that standard.

So yes, for me Soulsborne games are the greatest, since skill - RPGS are my favorite type games. Actually Bloodborne is 1st, above DS.

That being said, of course someone that likes shooters, or space sims, or racing games or strategy games - of course they don't care about DS and that type of games. So this is very subjective and unique to each person.


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I’m actually annoyed that Gabe Newell accepted the award for PC gaming. All he’s done for the last 10 years is release crap hardware in attempts to lock users to his operating system. His company doesn’t make games and they charge developers similar money to MS and Sony to release games on steam but he doesn’t actually own that platform.