"The Sacrifice" DLC coming October 5 for L4D, L4D2

Matthew DeCarlo

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Continuing its tradition of updating games with free downloadable content (free for PC that is, it'll be 560 MS points on the Xbox 360), Valve has announced that it is plans to release the next Left 4 Dead DLC on October 5. Called "The Sacrifice," the pending expansion is a prequel to "The Passing" L4D2 DLC, which landed back in spring.

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I think Rochelle can be the permanent sacrifice. She's too much of a whiner. ;)


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Please for the love of god never let rochelle be AI controlled because that's all you'll hear. I vote her death.


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Elis - "oohhh my God!"


Yep, she can definately be the one to perminately die :)