The second Metro Exodus expansion arrives in February


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With its large, open areas, Metro Exodus was a big change from the previous two games, which were mostly set in the underground tunnels of Moscow. Two Colonels brought back the claustrophobic atmosphere of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, while the upcoming Sam’s Story is described as a “sandbox-survival” expansion by developer 4A Games.

In the DLC, players take on the role of Sam, an American marine who was trapped in Russia following the nuclear apocalypse. We get to guide Sam’s path from the Aurora and through Vladivostok’s "tsunami-ravaged harbors, ruined industrial buildings, and crumbling residential districts" as he tries to get back home to the US and, hopefully, find his family alive. Expect to discover some new enemies to fight and weapons to play with.

No word on how much Sam’s Story will cost but expect it to be similar to Two Colonel’s $7.99 price unless it happens to feature a lot more content. The game arrives on February 11, which is just a few days after Metro Exodus’ Epic Store exclusivity deal ends, so it’ll be available on both the Steam and Epic storefronts.

Metro Exodus remains one of our Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing), and Sam’s Story could be a great excuse to return to its world.

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