In brief: Disappointing its fanbase at a last-minute exclusivity deal with Epic, 4A studio's Metro Exodus might have had a rocky start but it was pretty well received by reviewers and players alike. For owners of the $25 Season Pass, the first of the game's two expansions is out now for the Xbox, PS4 and PC, where it's also available as a standalone DLC for $8.

Players finished with the original campaign of Metro Exodus can now return to the dark confining tunnels of post-apocalyptic Russia in the game's first expansion: The Two Colonels. This time though, it won't be through the eyes of Artyom but Colonel Khlebnikov, who's making his way home to his son, Kirill, for New Year's Eve.

Set in the creepy tunnels under the dead city of Novosibirsk, all is not well as "the slime is further consuming the tunnels, mutant attacks appear to be on the rise and the precious 'green stuff' that protects the people from radiation poisoning is running low. In order to secure the survival of any of the people, those in charge may need to take drastic measures..."

Players also get to control Colonel Miller, who'll be retracing Khlebnikov's footsteps in the mutant-infested undergrounds with Metro's classic story-driven gameplay in a new linear chapter that features "a brand new weapon, the deadly flame-thrower, claustrophobic environments, and the all-too-familiar hair-raising tension."

The reveal trailer does remind of the earlier Metro 2033 and Last Light games where it was less open-world and more dark, confined tunnels with a lighter showing the way as spider webs burned in its flame. This time though, it's a flamethrower burning mutants.

The game's second expansion, Sam's Story, is due in early 2020. It revolves around a US Marine making his journey home after serving at the Moscow embassy right before the bombs fell.