The Sims 4 coming to the PC next year, will feature an offline single-player mode

Shawn Knight

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Electronic Arts just announced that The Sims 4 will be heading to the PC and Mac sometime next year. Details are still scarce at this hour but one thing we do know for sure: the title will offer an offline...

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These folks need to do some homework. MAXIS as a company no longer exists, nor does the studio. It is all EA Games now; I believe MAXIS sold out about half-way through the run of the Sims 2 expansion packs if memory serves me right.


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Lol, I almost started to ask if this was already released xD

get confused with simcity. I look forward to this at least. kinda wish I hadn't picked up the sims 3 a few days ago. can't stop playing :/

This is gonna be another SimCity. EA products have never been good.

007, nfl street, nba street, ssx, battlefield, def jam vendetta, burnout, deadspace, dragonage, crysis, most of the nba games, most of the ncaa football series, and many of the need for speed games were good. you just don't want them to be good >_>

It's quite obvious that the main series of the sims has been good also.


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The sims went to trash after the Sims 2, they lack that feel from the original series. Its now a list to do game rather that a do crazy stuff while you live game.