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THE SOLUTION for task manager disapperance

By Sherif Da Vinci
Oct 29, 2007
  1. ther is more than 1 solutn.
    1-registery solution
    mentioned in security forum Ask me if u want it.

    2-another effective one
    open your system root directory
    assume that it's C:/windows
    C:/Windows/System32/gpedit (group policy)
    under menu user cinfigurations---> adminstrative templates---->system----> Ctrl +Alt + del options at the screen on above right set all options to
    "not configured " & click apply or ok & save ,close group policy
    restart system & notice the difference
    N.B this policy controls all your system so don't play with matches except if u r expert

    please if u had any idea about reseting windows Xp date ,contact me
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