The UN hacked, details of over 1,000 accounts released

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Nov 30, 2011
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  1. The United Nations has found itself the victim of an intrusion by known hacker group Teampoison, after they gained access to at least one of the international peacekeeping organization's servers,…

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  2. Tomorrow_Rains

    Tomorrow_Rains TS Enthusiast Posts: 156

    This is the part where the UN issues a computer contingency plan to watch everything we are doing online. There goes our privacy, "ring ring, this is your isp you're watching porn the cops are on their way"

    And then we can all go to the streets wearing our guy fawkes masks.
  3. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +12

    F***ing Windows 98!
  4. Holyscrap

    Holyscrap TS Enthusiast Posts: 43   +18

    Finally! Mine has been gathering dust for quite a while.
  5. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,936   +1,101

    The world is full of people that can burn a CD, create a webpage and copy documents.
    These same people don't know JACK about computers.

    These are the people running the world.
    Karma's a pain ain't it?
  6. It is a difficult thing on how to (perhaps mostly morally) interpret this action. I am certainly unhappy with the vast reach and control of certain governments and particularly the corporations that are being increasing shown to essentially run them; Their methods often involve extortion, bribery and a litany of sociopath-like behaviors. On the other hand, one must be concerned with hackers abilities to potentially compromise national security and put in jeopardy the overall freedom and health of the people. Perhaps an enlightened type of wisdom is required in order to tell the difference.
    As with any group of individuals that hold great powers, those can be used for positive or negative purposes, however, Dr. Phil often claims, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and if that is to be believed then I would have to say I am less concerned with the actions of this hacker group than with the UN itself.
  7. Mindwraith

    Mindwraith TS Enthusiast Posts: 186

    "ima let the #UnitedNations think they theyve took the hacked server down lmfao."
    oh my god, these are the people creating a new world order? we're doomed.....
  8. GSystems

    GSystems TS Rookie

    Can we stop acting like computers (and moreso, networks) came out of nowhere and there's no one who understands how these machines work but "hackers"?

    The UN was "hacked" because it wanted to be... Make sense? If they can hire some of the best and brightest financial analysts (ever heard of a sudden surplus in their funding because of an accounting error?), secretaries (ever heard of a meeting that was scheduled yet individuals did not show up?), plumbers, security guards...they can hire some of the best and brightest security experts (young and old, intuitive and methodical.

    These little scares have yet to amount to anything, and the end-game is a take over of the internet. It is truly that simple in my eyes...
  9. more power to teampoisen

    Peacekeeping? THATS A LAUGH
    the UN is the POLAR OPPOSITE of Peacekeeping

    all they want to do is remove our individuality so we cant stand up for ourselves

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