The White Hat Hacker Bundle: Pay what you want deal

By TS Dealmaster
Dec 10, 2015
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  1. Between servers, operating systems, software and Wi-Fi, there are a lot of possible areas of vulnerability hackers can exploit. So pick up this White Hat Hacker bundle and you’ll have comprehensive background on how to defend your systems from cyber-attack... and you can get this package by paying any price you want.

    Learn all the tricks with these seven courses, including:

    • The Complete Hacking Course: Go From Beginner to Advanced!: Attacking routers, cracking passwords...learn how bad guys exploit systems -- and how to stop them.
    • Learn Wi-Fi Hacking/Penetration Testing from Scratch: Master wi-fi hacking & penetration testing techniques and run practical attacks against any wireless device.
    • Windows Exploit Development Megaprimer: Use debuggers, write shellcodes and create exploits against Windows operating systems.
    • Intensive Ethical Hacking Series: Protect websites by understanding how attackers exploit them by mastering cryptography, breach firewalls, attack passwords and more.
    • Ultimate Wi-Fi Hacking & Security Series: Identify and neutralize threats that expose wireless technology.
    • Node.js Security: Pentesting & Exploitation: Node.js is running some of the sleekest, coolest new apps around, so learn the security issues behind this wildly popular framework.
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks for Pentesters: Learn how to use and defend against XSS, a nasty means of injecting malicious script into Web apps.

    Pay any price to get some of these courses -- or beat the average price paid by other buyers (currently under $12) and get the complete upgraded package. It’s more than $750 worth of learning. Head over to the TechSpot Store to pick it up.

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