The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings GPU & CPU Performance

By Jos ยท 30 replies
Jun 3, 2011
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  1. i wonder if they developed TW2 using DX11... IT WILL PUTS ALL OTHER AAA GAMES A SHAME!!!
  2. Its just a bloody shame that one cannot play W2 on a computer that had no problems while running Oblivion.
  3. Please Techspot, include an Intel dual core processors (e.g. Intel Core i3 2100) in the CPU performance benchmark to see how Intel dual cores processor perform compared to others.
  4. Thanks for the results, have been using as reference for future purchases.

    Only bummed testing did not involve the intel gulftowns (hexacores) I7-980x =(. If CPU scaling is that much of a factor, kinda surprised 990x was not on here (smaller/newer technology, 12mb cache) other than non-mainstream/cost issues (who are we kidding, these are $500+ video cards when you can run TW2 on $150 GPUs)). If people are shelling out that kind of dough to kill time, ie high quality $500+ videocards, $100+ CPU coolers, $100+ aftermarket enclosures, multiple $300+ LCDs, an unknown amount of time lost due to testing/fiddling around... what people would pay for productivity/multitasking (and a little gaming wont hurt!). I most certainly see no reason for compromise when I can justify a xxx GPU, running on my workstation.

    Regardless, good to see I've invested on futureproofing (my workstation, also runs TW2, DA2, etc, just fine):
    Sager 9280 laptop (X58 chipset)
    Desktop I7-960 CPU in laptop form factor (upgradeable to 990X)
    Nvidia GTX285 (upgradeable to 485)
    12GB RAM (upgradeable to 24GB)
    Operating System Drive: Raid0 intel x25 SSDs x2
    Data Drive: SATA Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1tb.
  5. What is the rest of your system? I just bought parts for a new PC (HD 6970, i7 2600, 8GB RAM 1600). Would be awesome if I could get around 70fps on 1920*1200.
  6. Very poor saying its runs in dx9

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