This Rube Goldberg machine spans five cities across the country

Shawn Knight

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Rube Goldberg machines, those incredibly overcomplicated contraptions designed to accomplish a very simple task, are a dime a dozen on YouTube. We’ve featured a handful of over-the-top or otherwise unique examples on TechSpot over the years like this one that took more than six weeks to complete or another that utilized 25,000 Post-it Notes.

A recent Rube Goldberg machine I came across is unique in its own right as it plays out over five cities using the power of modern technology.

Some segments of the project are more impressive and clearly defined compared to others and it doesn’t appear as though everything worked perfectly or even adhered to the true definition of a Rube Goldberg machine. Again, ignoring the political undertones entirely, the concept of using technology to cause a chain reaction in a city hundreds of miles away to begin the next machine in the cycle is neat no matter how you slice it.

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Uncle Al

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The idea is very well executed, although I think it would have been far more impressive if it didn't have the political overtones. Not saying the message was not worthy, only that it was misplaced
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I didn't watch it all but just think. They must've been really lucky. The ISP had had 8 chances to screw up at just the wrong time. I don't believe many could be that lucky.


TS Maniac
The mouse trap is commiserate with the size of the mouse or in this case OPM (Other People's Money).