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This year's Prime Day was Amazon's biggest sales day in company history

By Polycount · 16 replies
Jul 18, 2018
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  1. Amazon's success is indisputable - though the platform started as a small online bookseller, it has now become one of the biggest online retailers out there.

    Given that the tech giant has branches in several different industries, including music and video streaming, it's easy to see how Amazon earned their top spot. Massive promotional events like Prime Day certainly don't hurt the company's bottom line, either.

    Indeed, according to the Amazon, this year's Prime Day has become the "biggest global shopping event" in company history, surpassing the sales of even Cyber Monday, which held the previous record.

    "Prime Day offers us a unique opportunity to thank Prime members with our best deals," Amazon's Jeff Wilke said in a statement. "Extending Prime Day to a day and a half this year allowed us to further reward members with unbeatable deals, access to exclusive new products and unforgettable experiences that highlight the many benefits of a Prime membership."

    This news comes despite numerous website crashes and reports that thousands of Amazon's warehouse employees throughout Europe went on strike to protest the event. It seems these roadblocks were too minor to have any material impact on the company's ability to ship out merchandise.

    As far as specific statistics go, Amazon has shared some pretty interesting information.

    To start with, the company's many third-party sellers managed to rake in "far" over $1 billion in sales during the event. Furthermore, Amazon itself now boasts a "record number" of Prime subscribers, many of which likely signed up to take advantage of Prime Day's deals.

    Some of the event's most popular items were in the toy, beauty, and PC hardware categories, with clothing and kitchen devices trailing closely behind.

    Given the massive success of this year's Prime Day, only time will tell if Amazon can beat their newly-established record next year.

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  2. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 304   +167

    People paid money for Prime to save money in online shopping...lmao what a genius move against the sheeple..Maybe Bezos will give his employees something besides more orders
  3. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,698   +1,128

    I didn't see a single thing that was worth it. I still love my prime membership. Haters going to hate.
  4. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,758   +368

    What, how'd I miss Prime day? wtf

    You bring a valid point. This system can take advantage of people, or you can take advantage of it. Depends on how you shop, and how much stuff you order from Amazon.com. Whether it's worth it or not to be a Prime member depends on how much you order. For most, like yourself, assumable by your comment, it would not be worth it, as a sheeple you may not question whether Prime saves you money or not, you would just assume that it does and keep paying for it even though it costs more in the long run than what it saves you in shipping costs.

    It's like Meijer's mPerks or any other grocery store with their special savings coupons/discounts/deals/whathaveyou's. You are paying for the service whether you like it or not, you just got to learn how you can take advantage of it and maximize your savings. (obviously this doesnt fit exactly because you choose to pay for amazon prime, where as grocery stores put the cost into the products they sell, you have no choice if you shop there. Same as the fact that we have to pay the extra cost because of shoplifters. Stores increase costs on items that are commonly stolen, and every day customers have to pay the cost.)

    I guess my point here is, if you are gonna have to pay for it either way, minimize your expenses.
    ...but again as with most of my posts I'm no expert, and probably fit the "sheeple" comment more than not. :)

    Edit: Just now seeing the other comment. Yes, I agree... most of the stuff on sale isnt worth it anyways. Just like black friday sales, these sales are the price they SHOULD have been sold for initially anyways.)

    people are stupid
    There's tons of these articles.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  5. Dimitrios

    Dimitrios TS Maniac Posts: 285   +184

    I pay like $90 for Prime Membership yearly and actually for the last few years saved a lot of money be it 2 day shipping, many top products are a good amount cheaper then Walmart, Ebay or Bestbuy and Amazon has it highlighted it comes straight from Amazon and a few times I got damaged items " probably due from mail carrier and Amazon just said keep the product and we will ship another one for Free. PRIME MOVIES alone are worth it but they aren't any better then NETFLIX. Also I get Free Amazon music and play it on my Amazon stick where stores sell it for like $40-$50 and got mine brand new for $20 since I'm a member.

    If you spend around $500-$1000 for a cell phone or drive a BMW or AUDI you're more of a "SHEEP" then me. I am a light engine builder and bought many LS1 parts and performance parts cheaper on AMAZON with it shipped around 1-2 days and a large decent selection then shady EBAY.
    Reehahs, Kenrick and p51d007 like this.
  6. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 304   +167

    Went from $80 to $120.. gota love it..
  7. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 304   +167

    Its $120 not $90...also..how do you save money by getting two day shipping? you aren't saving any money like that..you don't need to be a Prime member to get a good price..lets see.. pay $120for prime + $20 for a fire stick= $140 fire stick orrr just buy a normal firestick and save $100...
  8. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,792   +1,075

    I have it for the music, video and free shipping. It's easy to "pay for" the prime membership, just from the video/music I watch & listen to. The free 2 day shipping, is just a bonus. It's less than 10 buck a month, which is less than netflix + spotify per month.
  9. Kenrick

    Kenrick TS Evangelist Posts: 630   +403

    Haters always gonna be salty in life. As if we used your money to buy our own things. It was not bad compared last year. Spend $400 in home automation items, and NAS drives. Youve got to be a smart buyer to be able to tell a real sale.
  10. Dimitrios

    Dimitrios TS Maniac Posts: 285   +184

    My yearly rate won't change till next year. I was grandfathered in with the $90 since I had yearly taking out if you do it monthly it gets more expensive. Free second day shipping paid off within a few car parts and for my work truck. I don't pay anything for shipping since the $90 includes Shipping and Free movie rentals online for most movies. Many products are cheaper if you're a Prime Member and I'm talking anywhere from $3-50 off most products be it fuel filter, oil, oil filter, laptop accessories, mower parts, tablet pens etc....... Some things could be a dollar more but that's rare and yes the Prime Sale was sucky some graphic cards, power supply's, and Motherboards weren't any really crazy big savings.
  11. gigantor21

    gigantor21 TS Maniac Posts: 145   +196

    Didn't get a goddamn thing this year...just like last year. :/
  12. kapital98

    kapital98 TS Maniac Posts: 313   +243

    Most of the 'deals' were mediocre. But, tbf, that's true of Black Friday/Cyber Monday as well. Online shopping has less incentives to have doorbusters. Unlike brick & mortar stores, you're not stuck in the store while you get those items.

    Prime Day had amazing deals on Amazon products and a number of other big ticket items (TVs, projectors, computers, etc...). Even the mediocre deals were still okay. I saw deals on products (like guitar equipment and office supplies) that I was pretty surprised by. I bought them on Prime Day just to save a couple bucks on stuff I would have bought anyways.

    Plus, a lot of other sites stepped up to match most of Amazon's prices. Walmart had their own online sale. Newegg had a better than usual sale.

    I like the idea of not having just one massive sale weekend in November. Prime Day is largely a good thing.
  13. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,619   +282

    Surprisingly, I ended up buying something on Prime Day. An old crappy 8GB microSD card I was using for ReadyBoost happened to die (again) on Prime Day, so I went looking for a cheap card or two (thought about getting 16GB) and though Amazon wasn't the first store I searched, I ended up buying two 64GB Sandisk Ultra 100MB/s A1 cards on Amazon because they were $14 each (well, $13.99), which seemed like a pretty good deal. I'm guessing a lot of people thought it was a good deal, which is why Amazon hasn't yet shipped them. (I'm not a Prime subscriber, and I figure they're giving priority to those people.)
  14. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 2,060   +1,457

    I got some Dremel accessories for over 50% off. Their accessories are overpriced to begin with, mostly because of the "Brand Name" just like most things these days.

    As for the argument about Prime membership, it is only a waste if you do not utilize it. Baa Ram Ewe! ;P
  15. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,698   +1,128

    What if I do? Why do you need to make your point of view weight more than mine? You don't see the benefit, you are entitled to not get it or not want it. I see the benefit, I'm entitled to get it and want it and buy it, what the flying duck do you care if people do or don't.
  16. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 304   +167

    What if I never wanted books, video, music or photos? Gota love getting a bunch of services I never asked for a higher price with no other option than Prime Video.
  17. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,698   +1,128

    Then you don't get it, and again, good for you. Why do you care if anyone else gets it? Why do you need to bash on people for their own preference when no one is trying to force them on you? No one is trying to sell you the concept, simply stating their own reasons to get it, simple as that.

    On the other hand, if someone was saying "anyone who doesn't get prime is dumb" then go ahead and bash at him... and then that would be his/her opinion and his/her opinion only.
    Kenrick likes this.

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