Thoughts on Hellgate London.

By skitzo_zac
Jan 28, 2008
  1. First is this meant to be more on the RPG or Shooter genre border? For me playing as an Evoker it has really seemed like its just a third person shooter set in an RPG style setting. I don't really have a problem with this although I was expecting more RPG-ish. Maybe If I play as a sword wielding character that expectation will be realised. I do plan to start a sword weilding character soon.

    There is something that REALLY annoyed me in the game. Arlo the merchant in Oxford Circus Station. His comments are just so unnecessary and lame that it really really annoyed me.

    Also It runs smooth and fine, except sometimes it lags like hell. I am downloading the patch as I type this and hope that the problem will be fixed after I have patched the game.

    What do you think of Hellgate?

    Update: I patched the game, and its still jerky in some places. I think the problem might lie with me using beta Video drivers Forceware 169.28. Those drivers are intended for use with crysis patched to 1.1 so If i switch back to the latest WHQL released drivers (169.21) maybe I will see some better performance hopefully. I have stopped playing Crysis now so Doesn't really matter.
  2. Eigfrost

    Eigfrost TS Rookie Posts: 21

    I'd say it's more a shooter-action game first, in terms of the actual gameplay, with strong RPG elements/design.... I never had any lag problems with it, though.

    There's a review here if you're interested in reading up on further opinions...
  3. Caimbuel

    Caimbuel TS Rookie

    I am in Beta Mythos, made by the same people as HGL, and after playing them both I can say they both feal like they should be in beta still. HGL has alot of promise but not to fond of it atm.
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