Thumb drive not showing up in Disk Management or My Computer

By introuble000
Oct 16, 2011
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  1. SO basically, i'm doomed.

    when i plug the damn thing in, SOMETIMES windows will say that it is "not recognized", and SOMETIMES Windows won't say nuthin at all. jsyk i've tried 5 times, and only one time windows responded with that uplifting message.

    i tried searching for the device in my computer, not there. there is no "removable disk" icon either.

    i also tried going into disk management, not there either.

    oh and i've also tried this on 2 other computers.

    SO therefore I assume that the thing is un-salvageable. UNLESS of course one of you angels reveal that it is not actually a goner, and that i can actually still access it and save my life. in which case it would just mean i'm a complete tech noob. however, that optimistic situation seems highly unlikely, and therefore i shall return to my assumption that i am doomed.

    seeing as life is so, is there any way i can recover my data from the thumbdrive? and no, i can't send it back to the dealer because i never actually bought the thing; it was given as a door gift at someone's birthday. IKR.

    so yeah.
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