Thunderbird email problem


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Overnight, all my emails disappear, along with all my contacts and history. When I open Mozilla's Thunderbird to check my mail as I have for the past 5 years on the same machine, I am faced with a small window inviting me to create an account. My account has disappeared. It's as if I was never a user of Thunderbird. So I created a new account and reloaded the emails that were still in my server and thus started over. I had nothing important to lose so it was just totally wasting time and energy. I can always go to to retrieve my mail, however, I love Thunderbird and it is super convenient and fast to work with. Along with my email, Google and Chrome no longer had my bookmarks and needed me to re-apply and sign UP as a new customer again as well.
After restoring my Thunderbird and setting Google and Chrome up again, Also, several shortcuts were now missing from my desktop and the desktop photo had changed back to a Windows 10 Home default image. I did a complete sweep using Malwarebytes, and SuperAntiSpyware and then went to my control panel to look for and uninstall anything that might have loaded on my computer in the past week. I saw that Microsoft Edge was now my designated browser, taking the place of Chrome. I deleted Edge! I designated a favorite photo for my desktop again. After getting things somewhat back to normal, everything worked for 2 days. Then the same thing happened again. I fixed it again the next day and again, it worked for 4 days this time. The same thing happened again.
Bear in mind that nothing of true importance has been lost, but this is not right! Is this computer returning to default settings on its own? One more thing. I have written this message for my Brother (who is totally computer illiterate) so I have spoken as him. I am actually the one to restore all his email settings and will be working on it for him. However, I have never, ever seen a computer partially restore itself back to default settings without human intervention. He swears to me he has not done anything more than open mail, read it and possibly delete it. He also reads Facebook almost daily as well. He is paranoid of scams and phishing schemes. He never downloads anything. Now, with that long-winded story, do you have any ideas. The laptop is an HP Flyer Red, 15.6 inch laptop (Intel Pentium Quad-Core N3540 Processor up to 2.66 GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard drive, Windows 10 Home installed. Purchased December 16, 2017.