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Oct 18, 2008
  1. I need thunderbird to be able to do two things and can't figure it out.

    1. I has to auto reply to some messages with a template that includes an attachment. For whatever reason, thunderbird will not auto reply without putting attachments inline. Thus in the case of binary files you get the actual code in the email. The same is largely true of appended text documents. I need thunderbird to autoreply the template AS IT IS.

    2. I have a secondary email address that I use for my blackberry. I only want certain messages to go to that address so I've been having thunderbird auto forward certain messages to that account. Unfortunately, it sends the messages as attachments which the blackberry won't open. I've seen some addons that "bounce" messages but they don't seem to work with message filters. How can I get thunderbird to route certain messages to a second account either inline or as they originally were?
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    That doesn't work. That causes forwards "inline" if you initiate the forward manually. However, they're still attachments if they're triggered by a rule.

    Try it yourself if you don't believe me. It's a known issue. Is there a way around this?... because I need to forward messages to my blackberry... :(
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    I haven't had any issues. Do you have the latest version?
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    yes, I have the latest version. Ironically, this was not a problem in older versions. I don't say that personally, it's a known problem on the mozilla forum. it's an established problem with the current version. What I need here is a way to either fix the problem or bypass it.

    Do a test for me please. Make a rule that thunderbird will forward a message to yourself. Then send a message to yourself that triggers that rule.

    I have several email accounts on my thungerbird. I send a message from account X that says "asdfasfd" in the subject line. The receiving account has a rule that any message with "asdfasdf" in the subject line will be automatically forwarded to X . X always receives an attachment with the original message in it. No matter what I do its' always an attachment. It needs to be inline for my phone to read it.

    Additionally if the rule states that a template should be sent instead and that template includes an attachment... that attachment is sent inline even if it happens to be an executable, zip file, or anything else... which just puts gibberish in the text field.

    If you're doing the same thing and getting different results then I'd love to know what is going on here.

    The rules for Thunderbird seem broken.
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