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Tia 568 tsb 75 wiring standards

By mattybogum
May 24, 2010
  1. Hi all

    I am very new to networking and i am currently studying a course in networking and my college is unable to help me with a question i have about these networking standards/guidlines.

    These two standards are...."the consolidation point" and the "MUTOA". I read that they are advised when you have a work area that will likely be changed around alot, and the standards are there to help with redundency, in other words not to go over your cable type maximum allowed length, when PC's are being moved around ect.

    but i just dont get how these methods (and extra devices) help in any way?

    with consolidation point, you run your horizontal from the telecomm room to a punchdown, then run it to a wall jack in the office, then your user has a cable to the PC from the jack. If the consolidation point (the punchdown block) was like a repeater, then sure i get it, but it does not lengthen the allowed run of cable as it is not a repeater or any similar device....so why add the consolidation point?its not gonna have an effect on the length, which is the problem when PC's are moved around in an office.

    The MUTOA is pretty much the same, it just has a different device and different specified lengths in between devices, but really i dont see how either of them help. I've found things on the next that show diagrams as well as have text explaining them, but no where does it explain HOW this overcomes the problem of a non perminant office causing cable length problems. All that I kinda get, is that if you use a wall jack you wont be stuck with a long cable run all the way from the telecomm room to a Pc, and then if it was moved 1 meter away, the cable might not reach, so a jack is convenient, but the use of these other "thingies" and standards, have no use as far as i understand the whole topic.

    I hope my question is clear enough, please could someone enlighten me :)


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