Tim Cook says the iPhone X's $999 cost is a "value price"


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There is even a game about The Apple Sheep.

Sheep Herder is a short quest with just a few tasks involved. It can, however, take some time if the player has difficulty in herding the sheep, since they are not very co-operative. The quest starts with the revelation that some sheep have been infected with the plague.

Anyone who says that $999 is a "value price" must have been infected with the plague.
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I'd say after labor, parts and manufacturing Apple pay about $150-$350 to make each iPhoneX.

Wait... I was off a little.
Those are official reported costs so you take another 15% - 30% off that price.
For all intensive purposes he's "kinda" right since the profit margin for the X(64) is only 42% (yeah I know "Only") compared to the 66% margin of the 7, so in his disconnected eyes he might see it as a value for the consumer.
Hehehehehe... sorry to laugh, but it's "for all intents and purposes". Besides, iPhones aren't built to withstand intensive purposes!
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Tim Cook is smoking some good **** to even make these statements. The price is ridiculous for a phone, without question. Also to say, "We've built more and more technology" is just laughable. All they have done is ADOPTED the technology. Companies like Samsung have been using the tech for years. The only thing Apple did was market it as new tech because iPhones didn't have it prior to the iPhone X. If Steve Jobs were still around, he would have created a bigger push to create new tech for iPhones. Instead we have rehashed tech that's been used for years by other companies that's marketed as new tech.

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IMO Tim Cook is as delusional or fraudulent a simple product shill as the pre eminent invention thief and extraordinary azz head Steve Jobs in this preposterous value proclamation for a ridiculously overpriced product line and this product debut

if we look at the BOM,cost of goods packaged for sale ,logistics and SAG expense to EBIT percents (earnings before income taxes) that is often many many times multiples to the mean and average profit for mass produced product lines writ large since the lack of competition industrial revolution of the early coal and Kerosene oil,the old Standard oil monopoly (Rockefeller crime family),JP Morgan criminal banking monopoly and railroad real property thief robber barons kike Silicon valley today at some respects and moreover our US government writ large that steals us blind statirng the grand larceny conspiracy with congress in 1913, when the 16th amendment was ratified. if you study history LOL

Note every democracy in history has all failed with lack of economic competition,monopolies like centralized government policy and economies aka the ACA money grab today ,concomitant inflation and overpricing and shortages and with high taxes as well at their demise because at that predicable inflection point ,like us today at the Americas and EU they no longer value a good argument or history and worse fraudulently promise government largesse for all like the free bread of ancient Rome that predictably will stop when other peoples money run out and tyranny or a new tyranny walks in easily once again that we should all learn from at historys tells over and over since ancient times
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If Steve Jobs were still around,he would have created a bigger push to create new tech for iPhones."
ppfftt you mean the late hustler Steve Jobs would again steal or just use others.innovations and have it made by outsourced slave labor and overpriced at egregious profits like he did at the first iPhones were the innovation was outsourced slave labor and egregious profits not the phone so much just like today just maybe catching up with Samsung LOL toooooooo funny

I will keep using my Windows 10 plausible productivity phone with an MS office suite and One Drive in it that Microsoft blunders assured Telcos would abandon as they have with paltry stable UWP app development and with only the ancient @32 bit Windows 10 phone OS in it today in a 64 bit phone phone world and maybe 2 64 bit phones today
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The more I read, the more I like my new 249 dollar CDN, alcatel idol 4s with windows 10, not Android.and with a taste of VR .