Titanium or Platinum PSU Recommendation (No Electrical Noise/CW)


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I would like to replace my current AX1200 Corsair PSU. It is a great unit, never had problems with it under load, but from day one it's been exhibiting some variable electrical noise, even in stand-by mode (slight humming). I know how coil whine sounds, this is a little more subtle yet similar and if there is no background noise to hide it (like music or noisy fans under load) your ears are ringing in a few hours.

Currently I am considering Seasonic Prime TX-1000 which is a Titanium PSU, also pretty hard to find, and a 1200W model from BeQuiet! that is more like a second option because of price and availability. What I would like to ask is your experience with your own systems as far as it concerns electrical noise and coil whine (Seasonic, SilverStone, Corsair, Asus etc). Fan noise is acceptable, at least to me, as there are many other fans but after years of ignoring it as otherwise everything works fine, I can't stand it anymore. Thanks.