Toshiba intros self-encrypting, auto-erasing hard drives


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Toshiba has introduced a new line of self-encrypting hard drives that offer another layer of security to professionals. The company's MKxx61GSYG 2.5-inch drives are aimed at computers and related devices used by government, medical as well as financial institutions and will "invalidate" their data when connected to an unknown host. When powered on, the drive and host initiate an authentication process. Users can predefine various actions based on the failure of that authentication.

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Nice idea for some corporations. I could see these being implimented, but personally and general public wise, maybe not so much... just like with the Ironkey USB drives... I dont want to risk losing my data because family or friends were messing around with my stuff. Hopefully they arent touching my computer equipment.. but sometimes they do!


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^^ , Very intriguing hard drive idea, indeed. Especially the AES-encryption. Even though the 256-bit is not foolproof in any way, it will still take several years to hack/decrypt provided you have the required software, by "required" - meaning (read) very sophisticated.


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Someday someone will spend a lot of time and effort only to discover some CEO's secret porn collection.