Toshiba laptop won't connect to internet

  1. First request for help, hopefully I'm posting in the right place.

    I have a toshiba A300 laptop that has suddenly refused to connect to the internet, either wirelessly or if I plug in into the router via ethernet cable.

    The router is working fine, we have three other laptops and a desktop in the house and they're all working fine.

    The troubled toshiba can connect to the network, if I run IPconfig I can see DNS etc, and it is downloading updates etc from the internet, but web browsers (IE, FF and Chrome) and mail do not work, they all say no internet connection.

    The laptop is running Vista home premium SP2.

    I've tried deleting the network drivers Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Network adapters as listed on other threads but no joy. I just can't figure it out
  2. jobeard

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    ok, stick with the wired connection, as WiFi can be more complicated.
    Use the Device Manager
    right-click My Computer->Manage->Device Manager
    click on the [+] by Network Adapters​
    investigate WHAT is present and all should not have red / yellow marks.

    Have you taken the system elsewhere and with what success?
  3. TroubledToshiba

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    Hi, whether wired or not there are no red or yellow icons / markers beside the network adapters.

    There are two adapters showing, Inter Wireless WiFi and Marvell Yukon PCI-E ethernet.

    Annoyingly it's showing that it's connected, and I know it's been downloading updates.

    Have tried on another home network, family member, their gear is all working but this laptop behaves the same there also.

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