Toshiba Porège z830 BIOS and second monitor

By clunga
Dec 15, 2015
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  1. Portège! Sorry!
    Hallo to everybody! I hope you can help me with this problem. The bios of my laptop, at the item "display" has only two choices:[ System LCD only] or [Auto-Selected] explaining that:
    [Auto-selected] Selects an external monitor if one is connected. Otherwise it selects the internal display.
    [System-LCD only] Selects the internal display even if one is connected. Having a second external monitor, I have chosen the [Auto-selected] choice and connected the laptop to the second monitor through HDMI output.
    However, if I leave the HDMI cable connected at booting, the system frezees right from the beginning. Otherwise if I do not connect it and connect it only after my Linux OS has been fully booted, then I can plug it in as cloned monitors ( FN and F5) and evyrything works fine, but I have to set up the second monitor again. Is there any way to make it work right from booting? Thanks to everybody.

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