Toshiba Portege 3020CT

By AudioVayne
Mar 13, 2009
  1. I have been given a working Toshiba Portege 3020CT...

    96MB RAM
    2GB HDD
    Windows 98SE
    CPU - Currently Unknown

    I can't connect it to the net till I go to work next week..Actually I can't do anything till I take it into work next week, but my project is to put Windows 2000 onto it and hopefully upgrade the HDD.

    1 - Short of puling the machine apart sooner than I have to, would anyone happen to know if I can throw in a 2.5" 40Gig HDD? (Does anyone know the physical size of the drive?)

    2 - How can I find out the CPU speed? I usually use SIW but USB and internet are out of the question at the moment. In Control Panel > System it only shows IntelGenuine (r) processor.

    3 - Any recommendations on how I can install 2000? The system is waaaay to old to support USB booting, the only relevant drive this machine has is an external floppy. I might be able to get my hands on a PCMCIA network card but somehow I doubt this machine supports network booting.

    Apparently this model has run 2000 before|PAP302U#

    Any hints, tips, advice or tales of past experience would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. AudioVayne

    AudioVayne TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 99

    Current course of action:

    One open surgery on my new laptop reveals a 2.5" drive...This drive (working Windows98SE including drivers) will be stored elsewhere in case the win2000 idea goes horribly pear shaped

    I'm going to grab my last spare 40Gig HDD, Format 10Gb for Coredrive and the remaining 30Gig Ill xfer the installation data for Windows2000 and any files I will need including drivers for my wireless card so I can hopefully use it on the net.

    I'm still unsure of the CPU but apparently these machines are generally 300Mhz
  3. AudioVayne

    AudioVayne TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 99

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