Toshiba s4747 problems

By midniter
May 31, 2008
  1. The situation is that ..... I have lap top Toshiba satellite s4747 which came with Vista.
    I downgraded to XP and now many things are not working.

    Can someone help me figure things out....

    1. Atheros Wireless.....I have downloaded a driver named
    After i unzipped it i got some files....i still dunno how to set up a wireless connection.

    2. Logitech Mic......I can only use built-in microphone of the laptop. I purchased logitech mic but it is just not working i dunno wot the prob is. Maybe i need a driver. This is the logitech mic i have h.t.t.p://
    (Notice the h.t.t.p://w.w.w. <<<< i cant put a url on this site yet )
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