Total Gamer Newbie: Guitar Hero World Tour vs Rock Band 2

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Jan 6, 2010
  1. Hey Everybody--

    I am a regular on the DVD boards but have never ventured into the Video Game waters so bare w/ me. I got the XBOX bundle on BLACK FRIDAY @ Best Buy ($299.99 for XBOX 360 w/ NBA2K9/INDIANA JONES/KUNG FU PANDA/TONY HAWK) Anyway, I have been dying to get one of the music games and have waded through hundreds of reviews on Amazon for both GUITAR HERO: WT & ROCKBAND 2. So I guess, let the debate begin. I value all of your opinions. I have seen the ratings skew higher towards ROCKBAND 2 but I really don't know which has better "play-ability," easier to learn, and better overall quality in the instruments. Thanks in advance!
  2. slh28

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    As far as quality in instruments is concerned, the GH ones are way better. The guitar has a much better strum bar and the drums more solid and realistic and have built in silencers. The gameplay isn't much different to be honest, I guess it just depends how many of the songs on each game you like. It's worth checking out the GH and RB websites to see their list of DLCs if that's your kind of thing - RB has hundreds more.

    So in conclusion I'd definitely get the GH instruments and both GHWT (or GH5) and RB2 if you can... if that's above budget then just get RB2 because of the DLCs. btw the GH instruments work on RB2 (but not any of the older ones).
  3. joytime360

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    Everyone should play Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar, and i just find the game only $30 at amazon.
  4. Relic

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    It depends what you want Fairy. As slh28 pointed out RockBand has WAY more DLC (Downloadable songs) which for some is really important as they can buy songs they like if available. I personally own GH games (need to get RB2/Beatles sometime soon :) ) but have played RB as well, and honestly can't really see a huge difference in playing maybe RB was a bit easier /shrug. And if you can only get one go for RB first then swing back and get GH5 as that seems like the best buy.

    On a side note when you start learning to play do the basics on medium and as soon as you can do hard. This might seem strange but I can say from personal experience when playing medium for a while then moving up I had a tough time retraining my hand to adjust to hard and wish I started it earlier on.
  5. Debwri

    Debwri TS Rookie

    Idk i love rockband. they came out with the band idea first
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