Traction in-game radio player

By detoam
Mar 17, 2008
  1. Hi there!
    I like listening to music when I play games. Especially when I play shooters. It sort of pumps me up. I have no stereo aside from my PC and aren't looking to buy one either. For sometime I have been trying to use players like winamp and MS media player, but I found that their resource usage too big and their constant internet connectivity bring my ping way up and sometimes caused me to get kicked from servers I was playing on. Few days ago just by chance I stumbled on this Traction player. It is specifically designed for usage in games. It is still in beta version and I have not figured out whether it can be intergrated into the game without having to use Alt-Tab keys. But on the other hand You really don't need to. You simply choose the genre of music You'd like to hear (for now there seems to be only five) and then select how intense music should be (meaning,for example, when I chose the electronic and the lowest intensity it was playing much softer electronic music then when I have chosen the high intensity. High intensity was something like they play at Raves). The load on the system was pretty minimal. There was no load on the CPU and only 20MB of RAM was required. The interface would need some upgrading though as it seems to not sync with the adjustments You make very quickly.
    I have tried to use it with three different games: BF2, Upshift Strikeracer and COD4
    and have not noticed any extra lag or ping increase and it did not interrupt with various question or pop-ups. It simply played on the background with a 10-15 second ad every 30 minutes or so. Overall I have become a user of this thing.

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