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By tekone2001
Aug 31, 2011
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  1. Hello, I have a asus gaming computer with 4 hard drives on it, one of which is the main C drive has only 10gb left, the rest are almost completely empty. I am looking for a way that I can move the games I play, mainly COH, AION and WoW, from my C drive to one of my 3 alternate drives. I read somewhere that cut/paste would not work for programs only for files such as music/pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated :).
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    I think you might be best off just cloning your small drive to one of the larger ones, then using the larger as your main/boot drive. You are right that you can't just copy programs over.

    So what I'd do is use something like Easeus Disk Copy to clone your C drive over. I forget exactly what happens and what Easeus program it is, but you might end up with still having a C drive with little space left. But in that case you just need to expand your C partition to take up the rest of the drive. Win 7 will do this in Disk Management, I'm not sure if XP can (forget). If you are on XP, you can still expand the partition with something like Gparted.
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    Extending Partitions

    I attempted to extend the size of my hard drives but it would not allow me to extend the partition of my C drive. I did notice that my D and C hardrives are actually the same harddrive just partitioned. What is the reason that I cannot extend my (OS) C drive?
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    Probably have to shrink the D partition first.

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