Transfer of hard drive to another computer

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Jan 9, 2011
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  1. my emachines that runs windows vista went by bye and i want my pictures of the hard drive can i take it out and put it in a hp computer that runs windows xp. if so how do i do this? step by step process would be great.
  2. Computerpete

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    Does your computer still boot up if so you could use a liveCD like Knoppix or similar all you need to do is boot from the liveCD then navigate to your pictures insert a USB flash drive and move your picture to there.
  3. Mizzou

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    So long as the disk drive itself is not the reason your eMachine went bye bye ... you should be able to move it to the HP computer. If the drive works it should be visible in Windows Explorer, at that point you can transfer the files to another storage medium. Without knowing what type of drive it is (IDE, Sata) really can't give you a step by step procedure.
  4. littlekp2006

    littlekp2006 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no it doesnt boot up and to be honest i have no clue what kind of hard drive it is all i can say is it is not anyolder than like two and a half years
  5. Mizzou

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    The fact it doesn't boot doesn't necessarily mean you can't pull files off of it ... do you have make and model of the hard drive, that would help.

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