tried to install windows everything gone..and it won't start

By fneubert
Jan 31, 2006
  1. I was trying to install windows xp on my son's laptop.... said I didn't have enough memory, so I told my son to delete things he did not need...after deleting some files and attempting to restart it ..... he must have deleted something needed because now computer won't even start up.. I don't have any recovery disks for it. I can't even get it to power's stuck in a hibernation like mode..Is there anything I can do or is it just a paperweight now.. I appreciate any help you can give me......thanks in advance........

    BLACKBIRD2K4 TS Rookie

    When it said not enough memory it means the physical memory (RAM) on your laptop.
    The option you can do is buy more RAM to upgrade it then re-install WinXP.
  3. fneubert

    fneubert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    once i buy the new memory, will it start-up..hate to go to the trouble or expense if it won't start!

    BLACKBIRD2K4 TS Rookie

    Ok, use XP CD to boot it up just like you tried to install winXP and see if you got the error not enough memory again.If you see it, it meeans your laptop needs more RAM for winXP.
    My experience you should have at least 256MB RAM for WinXP and more if you play games....etc. it depends on what you do...
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