Tried to use a new display and now i cant get any picture

By Tvman318
Aug 12, 2016
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  1. I got the GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card and was using it through just an old tv that I've always used for my PC. I decided I wanted to get an acual computer monitor to get the most out of the card. so I went out and bought an Acer (H6 series 23" IPS LED HD Monitor) and was going to use the DVI-D capability. so when I got home I turned everything off and setup the monitor with the DVI and removed the HDMI from my GPU. I then powered on the monitor and then the computer (in that order) and got the ASUS boot screen. the monitor then went black, searched for a signal, and then said no signal right before going into a sleep mode. I then attempted to manually switch the source to DVI but it still had a no signal screen. I then attempted going back to my TV and I couldn't get signal even using the HDMI like it was set originally. so I have now removed the GPU and am using the HDMI off of my Motherboard. any help at all would be greatly appreciated for I would like to use my new GPU.
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    What do we know. We know GTX1070 worked in HDMI (analogue?) mode of some type with an old tv, but doesn't work now. Suspect is GTX 1070 since it won't work with DVI (not fully proven, could be bad cable or bad monitor)

    Divide and conquer... confirm your cable is DVI-D by checking connectors...reinstall GTX, re-seat everything, confirm BIOS is set for use of GTX and test..if it fails, then test DVI of the new monitor on another system... if it doesn't work it could be monitor or cable...swap cable and we prove that the cable and monitor work on DVI properly or we replace non-working cable or monitor

    If we have properly working DVI-D monitor, then we move on to the GPU...if it doesn't work properly in your system, test in another...etc

    You need manuals for motherboard, for gpu and for monitor. Download from respective manufacturers if you cannot find them. Check 'troubleshooting' in each of them.

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