Trojan virus help - did 8 steps

By lised65
Oct 5, 2009
  1. Hi.

    My ESET antivirus suddenly began giving me alerts (Trojandownloader fake alert) and I got really worried when it said it was unable to remove several. then I was unable to start up my computer.

    I did a clean reinstall and that day the alerts began again, shortly after I had started up my external HD that I use for storage, so maybe something was hanging out in there. I found this forum and was running the first three programs of the 8 steps through the night.
    -After I ran Super antimalware and it asked me to restart, the ESET seemed to have turned its realtime protection back on and was showing trojan errors again, so I unplugged from the internet as I saw suggested somewhere in these forums I beleive, - ran the full ESET scan, (which found one threat in an old file in my external storage that it couldn't clean so I told it to delete it,) then started from the beginning with the 8 steps (with the external drive on, and making sure where I was given the option, to include it in the scan) since the first three programs had been updated already

    after SuperantiMalware scan I plugged back into the internet
    -checked JAVA (it was latest version - removed the older ones)
    -Downloaded and ran Hijack this, realized that ESET had reset realtime protection again and was giving me another warning)-turned it off
    -Ran Hijack this a second time.
    -Turned realtime protection back on

    note - so far I do not now have any threat messages popping up from ESET as I'm writing this, so maybe this did the trick... anyway, attached are the last logs from each of the three programs and the ESET log if it helps, since it was indicated here that I should not assume the 8 steps solved the problem.

    thanks so much for assistance
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Looks like you are infected with a Win32/Virut worm / virus . I really recommend another clean Windows install be done, but this time delete the existing partition and format before continuing with the Windows install
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