Trouble finding a Socket A (462) Fan

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Mar 20, 2009
  1. I've been having quite a hard time finding a Socket A cpu fan and heatsink anywhere except ebay, and then I can't find any that are of a reasonable dba number, if it is listed at all.

    I am running a Athlon XP 3000+ as a server, working great so far, but my old fan buzzes super loud as a result of what I assume is misaligned bearings or something.

    So before I close up the case on the new server and put it in the corner to run for eternity I need to find a semi quiet fan, but all the ones I can find are for new socket types, or are around 40 dba.

    the GlacialTech Limba 2000 Heatsink-Fan, 20dBA, Socket 370 / 462 seems perfect except I doubt it would fit on my mobo, got things sticking up a half inch on each side from my current 3x3" fan.

    Are there other socket type fans that are compatible with 462 that I should look at? Any suggested fans?

    I'd be fine with anything 30~ dba or lower, would like something with some copper in it, and trying to stay under $20, but could go a bit over. Thx for any tips.
    Note: currently with the buzzing fan the processor is running around 38C, and the hd's 36C, the OS is windows serv 2008 so the resting cpu and memory load is a bit high, but i think these temps are pretty good.
  2. red1776

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    Hey Seth,
    I happen to be the owner of one of them, if you cant find one I would be happy to ship it to you. you can pm me with your info if you want.

    ***just to clarify for the mods, you can have it, im not trying to sell it to you
  3. captaincranky

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  4. sethbest

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    2 of the fans on that page are out of stock with newegg, but the third one is in and it does fit what i was looking for, though a bit of overkill, thx for the link Cap'n.
    I'll give red a pm and get some info from him, otherwise ill probly buy that one.
  5. EXCellR8

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  6. sethbest

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    well while trying to fix the buzz i broke the 2 fan blades, so definately need a new one now, lol.
    Another cool link, but most the ones on that page are sold out it says. I'm sure ill find something though, thx.
  7. sethbest

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    Thermaltake A4004 AMD Intel K7 Socket 462 Cpu Cooler
    is my solutiong, 9.99 before shipping. 21 dba sounds pretty quiet, and says it works upto the athlon 3400+. The real selling point is that its a simple clip, the ones with the mobo screws seem unnecessary, since i've made a few of my pc's innoperable while reassembling, i do my best to move as little as possible when everythign is working.

    Thx for the tips everyone, pointed me in the right direction, ill post back on how this unit performs.
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