Trouble installing Windows 7 x64 SP1

By Phil T ยท 6 replies
Oct 1, 2013
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  1. I had to rebuild my machine, formatted the hard drive and began to re-install Windows 7 x64. After Windows reboots the system, it continues trying to finish the install, but then blue screens with a ntfs.sys error and 'page fault in nonpaged area' and setup never completes. It just goes through an endless look that it was restarted unexpectedly and Windows installation cannot proceed. Any ideas? Some type of driver that I'm missing in the install?

    It's a custom built PC, GIGABYTE motherboard with 4 hard drives in RAID 10. I'm not sure the exact specs as I didn't built it myself, but it was working with Windows 7 x64 until this morning.
  2. gbhall

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    There is no ntfs.sys in the boot process for Win7. That was last used for XP. You need to understand that the entire boot process changed with Win 7. Normally there will be two partitions, a small, hidden one which contains a a few system files and a boot process based upon a database. Then the OS is a second partition. explains it all.

    There are other possible complications if you have a later hard drive than SATA, or a RAID setup (you do), or a solid state drive SSD or a UEFI bios with GPT partitions - we'll go there if we have to. With a brand new motherboard, you might do.
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    Hi gbhall I have a question about windows installations and partitions and u seam the perfect person to help would I be possible to pm you ..thanks for your time
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    Nope. I am still at 32-bits Win 7, do not play games, have no exotic equipment, do not have RAID, nor SSD nor UEFI bios. . . . .
    There are plenty of people with much more experience in PC installation than I have. Just pose questions online and you will get answers
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    Terry5880, please do not hijack this thread with your personal questions.
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    Do not install the Boot system on Raid-xx. Microsoft does not like that choice and recommends against it.

    The boot system should be on a solo HD and you can use the Raid-xx for user data.

    Before you respond with "Yea but Raid-10 is a means to avoid backups" - - nope, that is fallacious. Even Raid needs backups
  7. terry5880

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