Trouble watching video over network

By coalfire
Jan 7, 2009
  1. I have a xp desktop wired into the router and a vista laptop that conects via wireless, they are both on the same domain and can see, copy files etc. When t set the laptop up I could not watch a video stored on the desktop as it just kept freezing.

    I read various things suggesting increasing the buffer time (which I did upto 10 minuets) but it made no differance.

    Then whilst playing around in vista found the option to turn on media sharing on the network (presume that is to share the media on the vista machine but thought it was worth a try) anyway it worked and I had about 3 weeks of no problem movie watching. Then a couple of days ago with no changes to either machine videos started freezing again.

    I can stream a video from the xp machine to the laptop fine, but off course then don't have control over the video playback (pause etc) The laptop can play web video just fine (youtube etc).

    I can copy the file onto the laptops hard drive which only takes about 3 mins (700mb) and watch it from their but would rather it worked as it was and should.

    Any Ideas appreciated.
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