Windows 7 Trying to reinstall Win 7 64 cannot get Raid settup correctly


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Greetings, I am now trying to get windows reinstalled.
I have Asrock Extreme 7 Motherboard. When I set the storage to RAID and go into the raid setup the first volume should be set up as raid 0, I do not get an option to set up another.

I have a 60gig OCZ 3 and a Corsair 1 terabyte platter drive. I need them in array so I can use Intels SRT tech.

Big question is Windows is not finding the raid driver on either the Win 7 disk OR the MOBO disk. I assume it IS there correct?

Can anyone give me some advice and or some steps I should correctly follow?

I can get windows started on install but at the end I get 'Windows cannot complete installation on this hardware' message.

Any advice is welcome please help this newb!

PS, at least I am not getting any BSOD's!

Thanks much in advance!

Jad Chaar

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Well, it is not recommended to put 2 different drives in RAID 0, plus it makes no sense to do so with your setup. You need to set up the SSD to cache rather than be in RAID 0. Use this article for reference. Good luck.


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Billydata, I am using the the smaller SSD as a 'cache' drive using a correct motherboard that supports SSD Caching. You can take a larger platter drive an 'speed it up'

So to close this thread, the solution was to install the raid drivers on the platter driver FIRST, then install windows THEN add the SSD. After that the Intel drivers worked like a charm and I get very very fast response from the two. Where I see the most performance is from Games like EQ2 that has 'zones'. The zone time for this game is pretty much zero whereas before it could take up to 16 to 20 seconds to zone into different areas.