After dwngrading Win 10 to win 7, computer now hangs in post

By FellowDaoist
Mar 14, 2016
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  1. A couple nights ago, while I was asleep, Windows 10 decided it was going to download itself, so I awoke to a new OS much to my delight. I find this very odd to have happened, since I sure as hell didn't download/schedule to download it myself (I am extra careful in making sure I don't download it by accident.). But with how damn pushy MS is being with it, I'm hardly surprised, but I digress...
    After trying it out for the day, I decided I really didn't like it much, and used the in-OS option to revert back to Windows 7. It started doing it's thing, and having planned to let it go overnight, I went to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, my computer was stuck at the post.
    Since then, every time I boot it up, it gets stuck there. Only about 1/10 times I try am I able to get into the BIOS. Keyboard boots up fine, and I'm sure that the keystrokes are being registered, but most of the time I get no response)so I have messed with some things in there, and found a bit of a workaround (by boot overriding directly to the drive with windows on it/ cd drive.)

    Over the course of the last couple days I have tried nearly everything I can think of. I have changed around/reverted to default BIOS settings, reset CMOS, repaired the MBR through the Win 7 installation cd, have tried fixing/fully reinstalling both Win 7 and Win 10, used an external program to delete useless registry entries (I'm not quite savvy enough to do it manually). Possibly some things that I'm forgetting, but nothing has worked to solve the problem.
    I'm quickly running out of things I am willing to try at my current knowledge level. I built my computer, and it is only about 6 months old or so. I have never had any performance issues with it whatsoever, and after overriding the boot in the BIOS everything works perfectly fine, so I'm thinking it's not a hardware problem? Mobo is an asus crosshair v formula z, cpu is AMD FX-8350 Black Edition.
    Thanks for any help!
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    Windows 10 does download incrementally in the background but there are still parts of the world where people have strict limits on how much they can download. Maybe this makes it easier for them to upgrade. I reckon Microsoft have barely got going yet in their strategy to get us all using W10.

    The problem may be that you only kept W10 for a day. It's been around for quite a while now so there would have been loads of Windows updates in the pipeline. You need W7 fully updated before upgrading so maybe it works the same for a downgrade. On the other hand you have tried fresh installs without success either.
  3. BadDog101

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    I'm preaching to the choir but I just have to say it again anyway.
    Backup! Backup! Backup!
    My updates will install only on my approval. Everyone should be set like that.
    I make full system image backups frequently. So when I installed W10 and
    played till I quit, I merely ran my latest system image restore and everything
    was back to normal W7 in less than 30 minutes.
    Many pay me no mind but I've seen disasters (lack of backups) for many, many years.
    Good luck. :cool:
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