Trying to upgrade my computer but the new stuff isn't working

By lilantny
Nov 12, 2010
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  1. Okay, so I'm trying to put in some upgrades but I'm stuck. Not sure if I'm just doing something wrong of I have some defective products. I got a new mobo, cpu, ram and dvd drive and just keeping the old hard drive. Here's the new stuff specs:

    Biostar A785G3 Socket AM3

    AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2 Ghz

    Centon 2GB DDR3-1333

    DVD Drive
    Lite On SATA 24X Internal

    Well I hook up everything and get nothing on the display. The board has VGA and DVI but I got nothing on two different monitors. I had the same thing happen on a different mobo and returned it thinking it was a video problem but now I'm thinking it's a RAM or CPU problem. The new board has IDE and SATA connections and the old HD is IDE but I don't think that matters yet because I don't get a POST beep. I started it with and without the HD connected. I should at least get a no hard drive connected screen but still nothing. I think the board is recognizing the RAM because I started it without the RAM in and got the constant beeps indicating no RAM installed. However, I don't have any other boards taking DDR3 to be sure.
  2. mailpup

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    Did you plug in the 4 pin ATX 12V connector from the power supply? Did you use motherboard standoffs?
  3. lilantny

    lilantny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes. I get power to the board. Standoffs are the first thing to put in. Just hand tightened. Never had a prob with that before. I'm gonna send this processor back and get a tri-core that became available for the same price I paid for this dual-core. If I still have a prob after that then I'll try getting a new DIMM.

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