Turns on for a second the turns back off

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Nov 6, 2017
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  1. Can anyone help me just put this new pc together and it comes on for second then turns back off

    I7 7700k
    Aorus z370 motherboard
    Corsair 16gb ram
    Aorus gtx 1080ti
    Plextor m2
    Corsair rm650i power supply
    Thermaltake water 3.0
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  3. Cycloid Torus

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    Agree with Holdum323. Suspect power issue with that big GTX 1080ti. Review and reassess power connections and capability of PSU to deliver sufficient on whatever rail you have it on. Modular cabling means you have to check BOTH ends.
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  4. Petey224

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    So I probably need a bigger PSU?
  5. Cycloid Torus

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    What is your calculated load? Is it on a single rail or divided? Is every modular cable properly connected? Is the power to the big video card sufficient (PCIe slot plus 2 8-pin or whatever is specified by the card maker)?

    I cannot tell if you need another PSU. You need to check calculations and connections. If the answers you come up with indicate you need more power, then I would guess that this is what you need.

    See https://us.msi.com/power-supply-calculator

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