Tvu/proxifier (p2p streaming)

By fozzies
Mar 5, 2008
  1. hi, my first post here, have trawled your pages and cant see that i'm duplicating anything

    i live in the uk, therefore need to use proxies for various services

    on tvu, the soccer channel (fsc) is blocked to all uk ip's during premiership matches, and isn't even visible in the channel list.

    hence proxifier. i have found various valid proxies, and got to the stage where i can see the listing for the soccer channel, when it's being blocked, but when i try to select that channel it tells me the channel is unavailable.

    proxification states that as standard it will run most (not all) services through the proxy sites, and that you can manually force other services, as required, through it too, however it states that errors made here can seriously screw up your pc. tvu must be communicating with its server using one, or more, of the unproxied services. edit: using tcpview ( i can see that it is communicating via both the proxy and also via an unproxied service labeled as [system process]:0
    back to the ip of the p2p server. however a right click on this for properties tells me unable to query this for [system process]:0

    does anyone know what these services might be, or can anyone tell me how to find out what these services are?

    i think that, in the near future, more and more channels will need working proxies, and a lot of the p2p programs don't include for them, and the one that does contain a proxy input page still bypasses the proxy and connects direct to the server via the same route
  2. fozzies

    fozzies TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, more info on this, recently gleaned, in the hope that someone here knows something

    tvu actually bypasses my proxy program by using a process known to us all as system idle process! (yeah i know it sounds mad, google system process:0). after monitoring tvants in the same way, using a working proxy, it also bypasses its own proxy, and tells the server what ip your at! therefore they r choosing to let us watch it!
    below is the unproxiable (unless someone can work out what process it is) communication

    [system process]:0 tcp bedroom:31673 timewait

    this is communicating back to tvu via a back door

    i need to know how to trace what processes a program uses, anyone help?
  3. fozzies

    fozzies TS Rookie Topic Starter

    right, i'm gonna bump this one last time! further info from another source:

    fozzies, i believe a lot of people have been working to sort this problem out and hopefully it will be sorted out soon. tvuplayer connects to a range of ip address 38.102.62.x/8 via the system process: C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll to check where u are connecting from.

    does anyone know if kernel32.dll appears under services.msc in any form (is this a stoopid question?) as it is within services.msc that i can proxy the rest of wXP (apparently) by allowing a service to interact with the desktop
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