Twitter shares fall after company is labeled "the Harvey Weinstein of social media"


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Earlier this week, human rights advocacy group Amnesty International, in collaboration with Element AI, published the findings of its Troll Report project: the world’s largest crowd-sourced dataset of online abuse against women. It analyzed millions of tweets received by 778 journalists and politicians in the UK and US using machine learning, and found that 7.1 percent were “problematic” or “abusive.” That amounts to 1.1 million tweets across the year, or one every 30 seconds. Women of color were 34 percent more likely to be targeted, and black women were 84 percent more likely than white women to be mentioned in problematic tweets.

“Citron has been following Twitter for years and when we read the just-published piece from Amnesty International, we immediately knew the stock had become uninvestable and advertisers will soon be forced to take a hard look at all sponsorships with Twitter,” the Citron report said.

Twitter told Amnesty its study was unclear on how it defined and identified “problematic” content. “Context matters when evaluating abusive behavior and determining appropriate enforcement actions,” wrote Twitter’s legal, policy and trust and safety global lead Vijaya Gadde.

The Harvey Weinstein comparison contributed to Twitter shares falling as much as 13 percent to $28.51. Citron set a new share price target of $20 for the company; in August, it had set a price of $52.

While Twitter’s stock has declined around 7.4 percent this month—more than Facebook’s—it is still up about 21.7 percent this year.

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TS Rookie
This is concerning. So these groups do a search of tweets, and come up with this statistic, ok, so what? Are they planning to control speech? And if that cannot be done, them they blame the companies or person whatever they can with a title (which is so typical of liberals by the way, thats their mo). The only groups I know of that did this same thjng and shut down speech and freedoms because they don't like the outcome or your opinion is, that Antifa group (who are actual facist) and famous others like hitler and Stalin etc.

You can never ever remove racism, its part of being human and how human perceive differences. So all your doing is shutting down people not the thoughts, and that leads to anarchy and violence.

Brock Kane

Jack Dorky can go to hell! Liberal bias A-Hole! I Hope Twitter tanks! I gladly closed my account! Go to Gab everyone. Free speech IS ALLOWED for conservatives. Not just libtards!


TS Evangelist
Jack Dorky can go to hell! Liberal bias A-Hole! I Hope Twitter tanks! I gladly closed my account! Go to Gab everyone. Free speech IS ALLOWED for conservatives. Not just libtards!
I appreciate that someone is trying to make an alternative but those efforts are in vain. There's nobody on that site.
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It's been a long time since I've seen so many dumb things in one article.

Ignoring the nonsensical Amnesty International "findings", and the nonsensical comparison of a company whose users say mean things sometimes to Harvey Weinstein, making a story of a short-seller who's just doing what short-sellers do--making money from stock prices falling--is moronic.

Looking at Twitter's stock price graph shows this is just one of several dips in price this year, which is ultimately meaningless in its long-term value. The only people this matters for are... short-sellers.

Pretty sure this is just an excuse to manufacture click-bait drama, but it's still pathetic.
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Amnesty International has forgotten its mission. Amnesty International is there to protect the weak or ordinary from the powerful. Twitter is a community of equals under the auspices of a company whose purpose is to provide a forum for public self-expression. If Amnesty International calls Twitter an oppressor because it *doesn't* suppress the speech of ordinary people then Amnesty International is lost.

Twitter has already been bullied into suppressing political speech that doesn't conform to the prevailing narrative, mostly suppressing the left but also somewhat the right. Now it is being held responsible for verbal behavior deemed abusive on its platform, and advertisers and stockholders caught in the current reign of terror are pulling out.

The kinds of censorship that are happening now should concern everyone. When "Baby It's Cold Outside" is being banned by radio stations, a nonsensical reign of terror is indeed happening.
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