Twitter's Hide Tweet feature makes unwanted replies disappear from public view

Greg S

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Observant Twitter users have spotted a new "Hide Tweet" feature within an Android app update. The function will allow the owner of a large thread to remove tweets from prominent public view.

Potential abuse of the feature to silence critics is high. However, looking at the string of replies to any tweet made by a well known figure clearly shows why a moderation option may be useful. Users will still be able to see that tweets have been hidden and will be given the option to click a link to view hidden replies.

Blocking and muting other users will still be options for those that do not wish to be contacted or would like to ignore tweets from certain people. Hiding tweets goes a step further and becomes a powerful censorship option since all users are affected.

Impersonation of verified users is also a problem that hiding tweets can help solve since Twitter is not always quick to ban or remove tweets from fake accounts. Moderator tools will help prevent followers of celebrities and politicians from falling victim to the numerous scams that pop up in replies from time to time.

A balance is being sought between how people are free to express themselves while giving thread creators options to keep their conversations friendly. According to Twitter, the new feature is all about conversation health and preventing an onslaught of toxicity from forming on its platform. How users will make use of the feature and whether people understand how to view hidden tweets will ultimately determine if hiding tweets is an abused feature for censorship of views.

The Hide Tweets feature will be rolled out to all users in the coming months following trials with small groups of users.

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#1 Until Facebook and Twitter give us a simple DISLIKE BUTTON, I absolutely have no respect for them whatsoever.

Without naming names, their are certain individuals on Twitter who say what they want with impunity because they know, the dissent has no opportunity to show their dissent beyond a long, typed comment. In stead of being able to DISLIKE and move on, they have to show dissent with a damn paragraph.

The stupid "emojis" Facebook offers are vague.

#2 I have respect for Youtube for making it easy to either Like, Dislike or reply with a comment.

#3 Verified celebrity users should have a special icon on their name that makes faking their presence more difficult.

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I wonder how this will play out with "political speech" and the last Federal Court ruling that required them to allow back and forth as well as criticism of several politicians "diatribe". This one might be short lived since it does limit free speech .....