Two Xbox 360's on One LAN

By WileeDarklight
Jun 7, 2008
  1. (sorry in advance if this is in the wrong thread, couldn't figure out where to put this)
    Alright, so my m8 and I have our xbox360s plugged in at my house. We can connect to Xbox Live and play games, but only for a short time. Then we get systematically disconnected from Xbox Live. My xbox's network check says my NAT is open, but my friend's says the NAT is 'moderate' or something to that effect. We have the xboxs plugged into a DLINK router, which is connected to a Linksys router in another room. (before the DLINK it was a cheap, $15 one got a Future Shop :p) up until about a year or so ago it worked perfectly fine! now its got a really good connection speed but can't seem to keep connected for longer than 10 - 15 minutes. Any Ideas?
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