Ubee modem model # U10co18.80 with Xbox 360 and NAT issues

Feb 17, 2011
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  1. I have an Xbox 360, and for a while now I have not been able to interact with in line gaming and hear and communicate back to the other players. My 360 tells me that my NAT type is "Moderate" and it needs to be "Open."

    I have gone online and opened the ports that Microsoft says Xbox needs . still I have the NAT problem.

    I have Time Warner providing the internet. I have a Ubee modem model # U10co 18.80

    I am using a Lynksys Cable / DSL router with 4- port switch model # BEFSR41

    After two weeks of attempts, and searching the net for answers, I am frustrated. I need new suggestions and answers.
    I greatly appreciate all help, thank you to all,
    I await your replies.
    Flywelder 2-17-2011

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