Ubuntu 10.04 - need help setting up network drivers

By Lokalaskurar
May 10, 2011
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  1. So I've been using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx for about half a year I think, yet I'm still using Windows 7 as my primary OS.

    Primarily, because of driver-related issues.

    I cannot access the Internet while running Ubuntu, only Windows 7.

    The computer is running both Ubuntu and Windows in a dual-boot solution (grub 2).

    I definitely think my problem is driver-related, but I have failed to find the correct drivers. Reminder: I am using a 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04, thus I think I need AMD64 drivers instead of i386. For those clever TechSpot heroes who know the Linux terminal, I've already prepared the results of lspci and ifconfig.

    Screenshot 1: http://it-anglafar.99k.org/Screenshot1.png
    Screenshot 2: http://it-anglafar.99k.org/Screenshot2.png

    You have to copy-paste the URL, otherwise the server will forbid your access :p .

    The PC Arsonist & Moderator known as "Leeky" previously (in another thread) mentioned that the problem indeed lies with the Atheros networking shown in the screenshots. The wired/wireless router (router+switch) I have at home is set to dynamically issue IP-addresses, commonly known as DHCP. (With a WPA encryption over Wi-Fi.)

    My goal:
    Get the networking up and running using Ubuntu on my computer. Whether it'll being Wi-Fi or stationary cable.

    I've already been provided with what seems to be the appropriate drivers, however installing them produces an error:
    "Error: Dependancy not satisfactionable". The PC Arsonist sent me to http://askubuntu.com/questions/11015...285-and-ar8152, in case anybody wants to know.

    (Pardon poor grammar) - I am sure I'm trying to install the AMD64-version as well...
  2. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    Well first off I tried to give those screenshot's or yours, those (.png) links a look, but the image service gives off a "403 Forbidden" error.

    Next I would recommend that you might upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10, I can personally vouch, that for 2 out of my 3 computers, both running Ubuntu 10.10, 2 of them didn't require a darn thing to be done as far as Internet or network connectivity was concerned! Just installing the Ubuntu 10.10 O.S. was good enough.

    The only problem I had was with one of them, it was on my Dell 5100c that came stock with a USB external NIC card. Ubuntu didn't know what the heck to do with that. I can't say what was done to fix the USB NIC problem, for a friend of mine who is a computer God resolved my issues.

    But my (in home server) runs off of a RJ-45 (CAT-6) network cable, my lap top computer runs off of a Intel internal wireless NIC card, both these system took real easy and real nice to Ubuntu 10.10, so with them both being (1 wired) and (1 wireless) without issue, maybe that's a good enough batting average to run with 10.10, unless your really stuck on 10.04!

    All this was kind of thinking out loud for you, good luck...............:)
  3. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 544

    Now, I specifically quoted that you needed to copy-paste the link into the URL-bar, otherwise the server will forbid your access. :rolleyes:

    Oh, so 10.10 you say... maybe I'll try it out :) - do you by any chance know what improvements have been made between 10.04 and 10.10?
  4. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    Now I'm no Linux expert, I've only been using Ubuntu for about 3.5 to 4 weeks now, this is my first experience using any type of Linux product. So personally I would be lying to you if I just shot off the cuff and started blurting out my own self created answers to your question about improvements from 10.04 to 10.10.

    Maybe someone who is a bit more qualified can jump into this conversation and give you the technical data in regards to your question. But prior to submitting this response to you, I searched the Internet for an answer. I was surprised not to see a whole lot out there, very few side by side comparisons are out there putting 10.04 and 10.10 through their paces.

    Now the few things I did catch was people talking about how better the updated kernel was in 10.10 in comparison to 10.04. Also a lot of people out there were stating that 10.10 has way better (driver) support in comparison to 10.04, and a lot of people were saying that 10.10 (out of the box) is totally ready to go, where as 10.04 people were saying required some tweaking and adjustments to work almost as well as 10.10.

    I personally feel that it all boils down to personal choice as to what version of a Linux distribution someone wants to run with. I'm very new to this game, I really had no choice but to download, install and now use Ubuntu 10.10, for it was all that was offered to me at the time I made my choice to ditch Microsoft and roll with Linux. I never had the option and or choice to play around with version 10.04, so I can't answer anything in regards to my own personal stories comparing 10.04 to 10.10!

    But I will tell you now that I have somewhat of a choice as to what version I can run with, I've made a choice to hold off upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04, for like you I have a lot of "what's the difference" questions, and through my research I'm not liking the answers. So 10.10 is where I shall stay, until 11.10 is offered.

    So again, why not make some room on a hard drive, maybe like 10 to 15 Gigs worth and download, then install and then play around with 10.10, kind of a test drive it before you buy it kind of a thing. If you like what you see in comparison to 10.04, then ditch 10.04 and totally roll with 10.10!

    Again if anyone out there wants to jump in and help Lokalaskurar out here, we sure would be grateful.

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