Ubuntu removal from Win XP machine

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Mar 29, 2009
  1. My reason for wanting to uninstall is that UBUNTU 8_10 does not/will not allow me to manage my users.

    For example if I want to install a game, it says you don't have write permissions.
    So I SU and login as that user...still no permissions to the directory.

    SO I create a games dir under my HOME and still no write permissions.

    SO I reinstalled(thinking I must have screwed up during install somewhere, though it is pretty straightforward maybe I mistyped a password or something)

    Second install, attempt to use ROOT as the user "I" want to be.
    "I'm Sorry Dave I just can't do that" (mentally punches lcd screen and strangles install CD until it bleeds in red green blue and yellow)

    all you need to do is chmod / chown so that you own the dir.
    create a group

    SO failing getting those permissions changed, I look for uninstall UBUNTU thinking while the OS works well, I can install software packages, do updates...I cannot get QUAKE 3 running. SO based on this frustration level and my own lack of knowledge of UBUNTU, I am turning to google again. I find the link at the beginning of this article.

    I too attempted to modify GRUB menu.lst and it tells me "NO WRITE PERMISSIONS" and won't let me control my own machine.

    Does anyone here have these same issues or have I just been given a butchered copy of Ubuntu? It was created and given to me on CD.

    I will add that when the username comes up, I am unable to login with any other user than the one I created when installing the OS. The SUDO user command didn't help me either.
    I was able to change ownership of the directories where the game was to be installed to the user I wanted, but the OS still didn't allow me to run the program.

    Did I make a mistake in installation or has the air gap between my ears got cobwebs and bags of hammers in it?

    My thought process was if I logged in as SU and that it successfully completed that login process that the Super User would allow access to every system file and directory on the file system, as well as anything mounted (such as WinXp partition or a CD/DVD drive)

    For some reason it didn't . Therefore I am going to uninstall it and go seek something else such as Fedora, Gentoo or something which may be harder to install, but would likely let me control my own system (which is the most agrravating part) I am willing to spend a Sunday afternoon or a midnight to dawn period learning a bit...but if the system won't allow me to even play Quake3...then I need a new OS.
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    It's a rule.

    Technology at work.
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    now we reach five.
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    Is my issue the DEFAULT UBUNTU setup? Or do I have a specfic issue related only to me?

    Any help with the permissions/users/rights issue would be appreciated.
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    Does anyone have anything to offer?

    75 views and no responses. At this point I am feeling that this site may not be the best forum for assistance.

    I am at wits end or I would not have even posted a query.
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