Ubuntu/Vista dual boot

I was attempting to set up my laptop as a dual boot with Vista (already on it) and Ubuntu. While the installation was partitioning the hard drive it froze. I think this erased my dell partition on the computer. Is there a way to fix this?


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When you say Dell do you mean the vista partition?

I'm afraid i need more information regarding how you were partitioning your hard disk:

1. Were you using the Ubuntu installer to format the drive?
2. What were you doing? (were you resizing the Vista partition, or using another one?)

It will only have made any modification to the "Dell" partition if you were either resizing it, or you have unknowingly deleted it.

If you restart the installation what do you see in the hard disk menu?
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It's in the vista partition. I was using the installer to partition the drive. I was resizing the vista partition. When I restarted the installation it didn't have the option to install it side-by-side any longer. But windows vista starts up normally. I tried reinstalling windows and that wouldn't work though.


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So is Vista working still, or does it no longer work?

If its working, it sounds like its finding its previously made partition for Ubuntu and automatically selecting it.

If you run the live CD, when you get to the disk setup screen, can you select advanced, and then list everything in the following screen please. I'll know more once I can see this.