Ultra-high-end Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 models now available

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Jan 22, 2016
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  1. Microsoft hit a home run in the hardware department with its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Unveiled in early October, the devices were offered in multiple configurations although the ultra-high-end models weren't yet ready.

    Now, three and a half months later, their time has come.

    The top-end Surface Pro 4 packs a sixth generation Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB solid state drive for $2,699. Similarly, the new high-end Surface Book features an Intel Core i7 Skylake processor, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD and an Nvidia GeForce GPU for $3,199.

    Neither configuration is easy on the wallet but that's to be expected when you max out all options.

    Microsoft says the high-end Surface Pro 4 will be available in Microsoft stores and through select retailers while the top-of-the-line Surface Book can only be had online via Microsoft's store and select retailers. Both are on sale now in Canada and the US; no word yet on when they'll be offered in other regions.

    Microsoft is also launching a new gold-colored Surface Pen today. Color aside, it's functionally identical to the standard Surface Pen and includes Microsoft's Pen Tip Kit (a $10 value). Expect to pay $59.99 for the golden accessory in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

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  2. OortCloud

    OortCloud TS Addict Posts: 173   +56

    I love my Surface Pro 4, but I never seem to detach the keyboard, and the pen gathers dust on the shelf.

    Unless you're doing graphics work, I'm not sure what you are meant to use the pen for - writing in one note and on web pages just doesn't do it for me, and I'd rather use the track-pad or my finger for general clicking around. I do wonder why they bundle it with the device?
  3. Squid Surprise

    Squid Surprise TS Evangelist Posts: 1,580   +719

    You use yours like a laptop... many use it like a tablet - and the pen is good for fine detail...

    You might have wanted to go Surface Book if you never detach the keyboard...
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  4. OortCloud

    OortCloud TS Addict Posts: 173   +56

    I was tempted but they are eye-wateringly expensive!
  5. Squid Surprise

    Squid Surprise TS Evangelist Posts: 1,580   +719

    Not that much more than the already pricey surface 4 pro though....

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