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Unable to delete corrupted data from PlayStation 2 memory card

By bwarren97
Apr 24, 2011
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  1. I've had a corrupted file on one of my PS2 memory cards for a really long time. The reason I haven't deleted it yet is because I can't. I've tried many times to delete it, but it fails each time.
    Though the file is mysterious, it's creation isn't a mystery. I was playing a new game, probably for a fairly long time, when the system froze. I reset the system, opened the disc cover, and checked at the memory card. I did see a corrupted file on it, but the data from my game was still there, so the file had to be something else. I browsed the rest of the files, and the only thing I didn't see was the System Configuration Settings.
    I need to know several things:

    - Is it possible to delete that file any other way?
    - Will the bad file cause any kind of critical problem eventually?
    - Is my memory card damaged at all?
    - Does this mean my system has a possibly dangerous bug?

    There hasn't been another problem like this ever before, and there hasn't been any other kind of problem since then. The rest of the memory card works fine, and I don't see any change in the gameplay.

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